Everything was well planed, in theory…. a short brake in Palma to get away from the horrible rain and the miserable weather.

We had booked a nice hotel in Paseo Marítimo near the marina where one of the guys had his parents boat docked and waiting for us.

What a disaster ! Through the plane windows we could see how bad the weather also was in Majorca and our optimism , already fueled with a few onboard drinks faded all in a sudden but some little hope over a better weather expectations was still burning.

After we checked in and whilst having another drink in my junior suite contemplating the rain pissing down splashing the balcony glazing window,

I had to wake up from my dream over sailing on the boat the day after, but…. bloody hell ! no plan B had ever been discussed.

None of my friends were able to reply my phone calls into their rooms and I assumed they were badly hit by the alcohol and having a nap.

To my own despair I was still sober and with three hours ahead before dinner somewhere in the old quarter.

Then I recalled a story from a pal who allegedly had a great time in Palma with a VIP Escort.

I texted him to get some details over it and he replied me with a phone number and a few scary words “ have the balls”

Honestly this raised some doubts as I never had such an experience with an Escort before.

I picked the phone up , dialed the number and a nice voice replied in good understanding English gently inviting me to visit the Palma Babes website, so was the name of the VIP Escorts agency.

It didn’t take me too long to choose a beautiful 24 Y old brunette from a huge breathtaking Escort selection , who after another call to the Palma Babes agreed to meet me in my hotel room.

At the time I hadn’t even unpacked my luggage so I did it and tided up my room binning empty bottles .

Not long after this I had a call to my phone to confirm my room number.

I could not believe what I saw when I opened the door… as from her pics I couldn’t guess how beautiful and tall she was.

Vip Escorts Mallorca

Vip Escorts Mallorca

I Nearly fell on the floor ! She instantly noticed my surprise and very nicely whispered …my name is A…. nice to meet you, what’s your name ? I spluttered my name and….

Not going to tell you what happened but just to mention this was the best encounter with a gorgeous young female I ever had in my life. Spent 90 minutes with her until I was exhausted .

When I rang my mates after the “performance “ , they were still sleeping….. idiots !!

At 20.00 we went for dinner in a tapas venue and obviously as a big mouth man I couldn’t keep it shut.

They didn’t believe the story but when I showed them the Palma Babes web and the evidence of my calls to the agency their faces turned from blank to surprised and they gave my words the benefit of the doubt.,

P…, who is quick thinking challenged me at once for the next day to bring a few Escorts in, should the weather still be miserable.

I took the challenge and replied…. this is not to do with the weather but with your balls. I suggested if we had nice weather girls could come onboard, if not chicks in hotel but never going back without having a good time …. in the pouring rain, ha, ha,

Nevertheless the weather was still crap in the following day.

M….. didn’t even go to see their parents boat as he was more excited with the idea of having a play with the babes.

I decided to have the same Escort to start with but also having in mind that after all , good friends share the happiness and the pain, therefore we were going to share the babes -,in a swingers game – and of course the pain too , when paying the costs.

Expensive ? Let me tell you excellent value for money. VIP Escorts are not suited to everybody but if you can afford it, indulge yourself in such an unbelievable experience. Every euro is worth of it.

Since this short break in Palma where we never went to the boat I have met A…. in three more occasions . Last time with her girlfriend too.

I believe this sort of sexual play is called “ménage a trois”

My French is improving a lot !!

Escorts agency Mallorca

Escorts agency Mallorca

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